Fitbit Flex Review 2015

Hi, in this review we will be looking at the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband. We will be going into the details of its many features. Look at the benefits of those features and how they can help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals sooner. This review will also be discussing any of the drawbacks of this device and compare it with another fitness wristband, the UP 24 by Jawbone, which is its nearest competitor in the field of wearable fitness trackers. We will also see what other users have to say about the product.

Fitbit Flex
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Overview, Critique and Comparisons

The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband is part of the growing range of lifestyle, activity and fitness trackers on the market today. The device tracks a users calorie intake, their activity level and sleeping patterns. Combined, it provides the wearer with the insights necessary to allow them to make decisive changes to their overall health and well-being. This fitness tracker is worn on the wrist, it is very light, thin and looks very stylish. It resembles a watch in many ways. It comes with two different sized straps to fit most wrists and is available in either black or slate. Other colors are also available, but are sold separately.

The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband comes with a user interface which provides feedback on your progress, unlike its closest rival the Jawbone UP24, which needs to be connected to a smart device or computer to retrieve even the most basic information. The Fitbit Flex is also much lighter and slimmer than the UP 24 which looks quite bulky in comparison. Battery life, which averages 5 days, is not as good as in the UP24, which last up to 8 days between charges, but is still acceptable. The Fitbit Flex does not monitor the range of activities that the UP 24 can. In this case the Fitbit Flex is more a pedometer/accelerometer and sleep tracker, rather than an activity tracker, but is still super neat.

What Are Some of its Features?

  • Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes
  • Log food, weight, and more on Fitbit’s website or apps
  • Monitors how long and how well you sleep
  • Wakes you (not your partner) with a silent wake alarm
  • LED lights show how your day is stacking up against your goal
  • Set goals, view progress, and earn badges
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Syncs automatically with select mobile devices and to your computer
  • Free iPhone and Android App
  • Instantly launch your Fitbit app by tapping your device with your NFC (near field communications) -enabled Android phone
  • Easy-to-wear, slim, comfortable wristband
  • Available in two stylish colors – black and slate
  • Accessory bands allow you to personalize your Flex
  • Wear all day and night – even in the shower
  • Rechargeable battery

How Can These Features Benefit You?

Goals and Tracking

The Flex fitness wristband uses a number of LED lights to let you know how you’re progressing against your goals. Each of the five LED lights represents one fifth, or 20 per cent, of your daily objective. Whenever you reach your chosen goal, whether in calories, distance or activity, the Flex lights up! This is incredibly motivating and provides the spur you need to keep moving towards your long-term goals. You can also check your progress right on your smart phone.


The Flex comes with an array of online tools at no extra cost. Set your objectives on your very own dashboard and follow along as you progress towards your targets through appealing charts and graphs. The device pairs up with both iPhone or Android phones to allow you to monitor your number of steps, distance travelled, caloric intake, time active during the day and sleep patterns. The Flex provides you with goal notifications and target updates.


To help keep you motivated and obtain your lifestyle goals faster, the Fitbit rewards you with badges whenever you achieve one of your daily or lifetime goals.


The Fitbit App for iPhone and Android allows you to log vital information including food eaten, your current weight and any weight changes, plus other workout stats. You can also do this on a computer.

Wireless Sync

The Flex syncs to select devices wirelessly and automatically with Bluetooth 4.0. It also syncs to various Android devices as well as iOS ones, giving real-time access to your info on the Fitbit dashboard at any time. It is also compatible with a variety of popular fitness apps like, Sparkpeople, LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal.


Join with family and friends in reaching your aims by sharing your stats, starting fitness challenges and organising a leaderboard. It’s been shown that sharing can get you to your goals even faster!

Wear It All the Time

The Flex is your constant companion, you can even leave it on in the shower! No need to take it off, it will track your sleep, inform you on how well you’ve slept and even wake you up with a gentle vibration at time of your choosing, without disturbing your significant other.


As you can see the Fitbit Flex is a remarkable device which can help you obtain your lifestyle goals sooner. It’s slim, stylish and unobtrusive.  The Flex gives you the insight to make small changes every day which can add up to a remarkable transformation in a short space of time.

fitbit flex
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