Misfit Shine Review 2015

Welcome to this review of the Misfit Shine. In this review we will be discussing the features of this attractive looking fitness tracker. We will also be discussing the benefits of those features and how they can help you obtain both your everyday and lifetime fitness goals. This review will also spend some time looking at how it compares to some of the other activity wristbands available, talk about any drawbacks this product might have and look at what some current users have to say about it.

Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Tracker
It can take you anywhere


The Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor is a creation of Misfit Wearables and boy, haven’t they done a sterling job. It looks like a fashion statement. The thing is absolutely beautifully designed, it’s made from diamond-cut aluminium and comes in 10 colors. It tracks your calories, keeps you motivated, measures your progress and monitors your sleep. The thing keeps time too, while actually managing to look like a watch doing it.

Many other fitness trackers around, like the Garmin Vivofit, although they tell time too, actually look a lot like a very chunky bracelet. Another cool thing is that you can wear the Shine almost anywhere you like, not just as a wristband. Around your waist, in your pocket and even, according to the manufacturer, clip it to your shoe! Great for bicycling.

The Misfit Shine activity tracker is part of a growing range of all-in-one activity and fitness trackers on the market today. The device allows you to monitor your calorie intake, activity level and sleeping patterns. It comes with the ability to synchronise your stats to software that’s installed on a smartphone or tablet via it’s easy to use app. This information provides you with everything you need to make decisive and long-term changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle outcome.

What are the Drawbacks?

The Misfit Shine seems like a great product right off the bat, but before we dive into its many features and benefits what, if any, are some of the main shortcomings of this device according to users?

  • The lack of buttons means accessing the clock feature or your stats can take getting used to. Basically you have to double-tap the watch face to do that
  • No way to track very long-term goals. Essentially you are confined to monitoring just your daily and weekly goals
  • You can’t do heart rate monitoring, unlike the Polar Loop
  • It doesn’t have an inactivity, or a wake-up alert

What are the Features of this Product?

  • A halo of lights show you how active you’ve been throughout the day
  • Tracks walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, basketball and more
  • No charging required, replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Tells time using elegant, minimalist interface. Wrist Band is included
  • Waterproof to 50 metres
  • Interact with other Shine users
  • Automatic data syncing to the Misfit app
  • Large internal memory, stores up to 30 days worth of data
  • Syncs with fitness and health apps like LoseIt!, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and IFTTT

What are the Benefits of these Features?

  • The halo of 12 lights lets you know how close you’re are to achieving your daily fitness goals, provides the motivation needed to get to your ultimate lifestyle aims and tells you the time.
  • The ability to track a large range of activities makes the Shine more than just  glorified pedometer or calorie counter. Not only take it swimming but scuba diving, because it’s rated waterproof to 50 metres.
  • An annoying thing about most of the other activity trackers around is they need regular charging, sometimes every few days. The Shine has a long-lasting battery which allows you keep it on all the time, just like an ordinary wristwatch.
  • The unit’s wristband is light and thin, just 4mm at its edge, that isn’t a nuisance at all when sleeping, unlike the UP24, which some users have felt to be a bit cumbersome in bed.
  • A little friendly competition never did any harm. It’s been shown that the ability to share stats and targets with other users, family and friends can help you to obtain your lifestyle and fitness goals that much sooner.
  • Automatic syncing means you don’t have to worry about messy wires or annoying dongles in order to connect your data to your smartphone.
  • Storing up to 30 days worth of data before having to sync makes activity tracking feel like less of a chore.
  • Interaction with third-party apps allows you to individually tailor your fitness and lifestyle program.

What about Compatibility?

The unit is able to connect to a wide variety of smartphones and devices running the major operating systems – iOS 6.13 or greater , Android 4.3 or better and Windows 8.1 for a BLE ready (Bluetooth low-energy) Windows Phone.


So, if your after an elegant, minimalist fitness wristband that looks the part, whether on the field or going out, is tough as nails, offers a wide range of tracking features, uses simple software, plus keeps you motivated to help you reach your ultimate lifestyle and fitness goals, then the Shine may be for you.

Misfit Wearable Activity Tracker
Wear it how you want…