How to Stop Gaining Weight

How can we rev up our weight loss program in combination with our fitness tracker? Well, I have three suggestions for you. Let’s face it, these days people want quick, even instant results. Counting calories is fine, but how can we use the foods we eat to accelerate our progress and actually help you to burn fat from eating.  Once you experience the motivating impact of constant weight loss, all without the need to starve yourself in the process, then this will really put you on the path to a lifetime of healthy living.

Lose weight without dieting

So what are three suggestions for constant weight loss?

Matcha Green Tea Powder:

This is one of the best kept secrets of the natural weight loss world. In comparison to regular green tea, Matcha green tea powder is up to 10 times more powerful, because you are drinking the whole leaf to help you raise your metabolism and burn off the fat, even when at rest. It’s also a source of antioxidants and other elements that are vital to overall wellbeing.

Carb Blockers:

These are a natural fiber which sticks to carbohydrates and helps eliminate them from your body before your digestive system has had a chance to absorb them. They literally encase carbs, that are rich in sugars and energy, and hold onto them until they are eliminated from your system. Our favourite carb blocker is PGX, which is also a great at balancing blood sugar levels. When you eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates or starches, you may experience sugar rushes, which can make you feel hungry, even when you’re not. Being able to suppress cravings is vital, if you want to get your weight under control.

Calorie Shifting:

This is the method we recommend above all, as it is the easiest to implement and sustain, over the long term. Rather than staring at the number of calories consumed, starving yourself and ultimately de-railing your fitness plans, using this method you turn the whole dieting process on its head. Calorie shifting allows you to eat certain foods with the aim of stimulating and increasing your metabolic rate. Unlike regular diets which tend to slow your metabolism down, because your body is trying to protect itself from starvation, this one looks to improve your metabolism instead and burning fat through eating. So, apart from reducing or even eliminating feelings of hunger, another great benefit is that if you come of this diet plan there is no rebound effect and surprisingly you may find that you will continue to lose weight for weeks after you’ve come off it.