Jawbone UP24 Review 2015

This is a Jawbone UP24 Review. In this review we will be going over the features of this fitness band. We will also talk about the benefits of this device and how it can help you, bit by bit, achieve your ultimate fitness and lifestyle goals. We shall also go into any of the drawbacks of this activity tracker. We will also find out about what some of the many users have to say about it, in terms of performance.

UP24 by Jawbone
Eat better. Sleep better. Move better.

Overview, Critique and Comparisons

The UP 24 by Jawbone is part of a growing array of fitness trackers and wristbands available in the market today. It is worn on the wrist, it is very light and comes in a variety of colors. When used with the dedicated UP App, it allows the user to monitor their caloric intake, level of activity and amount of sleep. It does not feature a user interface, unlike the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Armband, which is probably its nearest competitor in the field. The two retail for around the same price.  The UP 24 is also quite bulky in comparison and some users have reported that this factor can be a bit of a nuisance, unlike the Fitbit Flex which has a traditional watch strap design. Another thing to consider is that the UP 24 only supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

However, what the UP 24 lacks regarding user input or sleekness it more than makes up for with its bundled app software, which is compatible not only with iOS but also Android devices. The UP 24 App ties in seamlessly with the fitness tracker and is an absolute joy to use, according to many of its users. It can deal with a number of different activities, including the use of various kinds of gym equipment, like weights, steppers, elliptical trainers and others. It can be used in various different sports such as hiking, basketball, tennis and yes, even video gaming. If you forget to log on prior, the software allows you to edit your session and include any of your activity un-logged from the start. How cool is that?

What Are Some of its Features and How Can They Benefit You?

  • A new curved design, making it comfortable and stylish to wear
  • A small jack for charging, reducing its overall bulk
  • Syncs data to your computer or smart device via Bluetooth making annoying wired connections obsolete
  • It comes with two LED lights to indicate day/night mode
  • Available in three sizes, S-M-L.  Jawbone have a printable measuring guide on their website so you can be sure to choose the size that fits best
  • Battery life is a whopping 7-8 days, meaning you don’t need to continually recharge it
  • The UP App is very easy to configure and a joy to use. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Here are More of its Many Features:

  • Measures steps, exercise, overall calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep
  • Tracks your food, drink, calories and nutrients
  • Smart Coach feature communicates with you via vibrations at the wrist from a Smart Alarm
  • Sleep Tracking allows you an amazing insight into your sleeping habit and allows you to modify sleep so that you remain fully rested
  • Connect with your friends and family to share goals and motivate you

Want More of the Benefits of the Up 24 by Jawbone?

  • When using the UP App Food Score to track your food, drink, calories and nutrients it quickly lets you know if you are eating properly for your level of activity
  • The Smart Alarm feature in Smart Coach wakes you up with an Idle Alert to get you moving, so you can stay focussed in reaching your goals
  • The ability to connect with family and friends gives the extra benefit of reaching your goals together and adds an element of motivation. Track and measure each others’ progress via team leaderboards, helping you get there faster
  • By combining the number of calories burnt, activity level, nutrient intake and hours spent asleep, it allows you to discover the deeper connections in your eating, sleeping and fitness habits. Hidden connections which may have unwittingly sabotaged previous efforts at getting and more importantly, staying fit and healthy


To sum up the UP 24 fitness wristband helps you make healthier choices every day. Even one better choice per day and you’ll find, bit by bit, small changes can add up to a whole new you in a relatively short space of time.

UP24 App
UP 24 App